With Alan Logistics GmbH you can buy and sell goods on a global scale. Our service allows to buy goods and bridge the cash flow gap between paying your suppliers and receiving payment from your customers.


Our team of international specialists works behind the scenes to ensure that client will get the goods and service that will be produced with benefits.


B2B Trade enables you to buy the stock you need, get paid quicker than normal and ship your products sooner within the UK and overseas. By unlocking the funds you need to fulfil your orders you can remove the day-to-day pressure of purchasing from suppliers while improving your cashflow and growing your sales. Seasonal businesses or those that receive large one-off orders can also benefit from Trade finance.

Getting access to the right global expertise and experience will make it easier for you to develop successful partnerships with overseas suppliers and deliver value for your business.

This means that whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Alan Logistics GmbH is doing most of the heavy lifting. You just close the deal.


  • Speed: we can provide service within 24 hours to client, facilitating quick transactions

  • Convenience: your suppliers are paid on the same day goods are shipped

  • Access: service available until end-customer payment is received with supplier payments guaranteed

  • Support: we work alongside you through the trade cycle, from initial order to customer payment, enabling you to fulfill existing orders and accept new ones


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